This is the site of J-K International, Ltd.

J-K international, Ltd. is a consulting company in northern New Mexico focusing on learning and development.

Our principal consultant is John McDermott. John is a learning and development professional with 30+ years experience which means being a writer, coach, mentor, speaker, and ideator.

John McDermott

John McDermott

I create learning materials for professional audiences. I write blog posts on cybersecurity and other topics designed to market courses.See more about me at my personal site.

Coaching and mentoring
Coaching and mentoring are key aspects of a wholistic learning environment.  I help developers, instructional designers, speakers and management to find unusual solutions, be more creative, approach problems and constraints in new ways and generally look at situations from new perspectives.

am available for speaking engagements on topics relating to: personal aspects of security (e.g. Five Steps to Preventing Identity Theft), education/learning/workplace performance (e.g. Choosing a Training Provider) and some “fun topics” related to travel and art.
< strong>Ideating
Ideating is the processing of thinking or forming ideas. I am known for new and out-of-the box ideas and for helping others throw away their boxes.

* 30+ years in education and training as a developer, instructional designer, instructor and editor; presentation consultant and speaker
* UNIX/Linux user and programmer since 1978
* e-Learning software designer/developer
* Training on topics including: Computer security, network programming, Linux programming, network fundamentals and other Internet and computer topics
* Computer networking and design experience since 1979

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A full resume is available on request.